Train Timetable is Just a Click Away Now
20.12.2013 09:45

Indian railway is a very huge network, which is spread over the whole country and it consists of Northern Railways, Western Railways, Eastern Railways, Central Railways and Southern Railways. All these regions are connected with one other in an organised manner and the frequency of trains across the country is quite high. A large number of trains run on a daily basis. There are trains for very long routes as well as short routes. Dedicated compartments are there for every class and they are general, sleeper, chair car, 3-tier AC, and 2-tier AC classes of compartments suiting the pocket of different people. The schedules of these trains can be known with the help of the train timetable available online as well as in the format of hard copies.

It has become very convenient to make any sort of railway enquiry in this era because of the technological revolution, as service of railway enquiry is available through mobile as well as internet. The ‘Trains at a Glance’, train schedule, enquiries, etc., are the kind of options available on different websites that help in knowing the schedule of the trains, timing of departure and arrival, days of running, special trains, connecting trains and all the relevant information a time table is supposed to provide.

The train timetable in hard copies is available today but due to the expansion of the railway network and trains, the complexities have arisen as well. Thanks to technological revolution today train timetable is on the one touch access.

Can We Get a Train Timetable?


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