Easy Option To Check Train Timetable Online
19.10.2013 13:51

Indian Railways is the most preferred service provider in India and more than 20 million passengers travel with Indian Railways. With more than 20000 trains daily and over 115,000 km rail track, Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world. Railways always take care to provide the best service and facilities to the passengers and the latest offering in this line of services is the facility to check train timetable online and book tickets online.

The online timetable is made available at the IRCTC website. IRCTC is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, which was initially meant for the catering services and tourism management of Indian Railways. But lately, IRCTC is known for its ticket booking features and thousands of people make use of this user-friendly facility to check for trains and book tickets. By simply entering your date of travel and destination, you can find all the options available for you at different timings as well as the availability of tickets and ticket rates for each of the trains.

To check train timetable online and book tickets through IRCTC site, you have to first register your profile on this platform. This is a very easy process to accomplish and for this you need to first log on to the website, www.irctc.co.in. You can then see the option of doing profile registration for the first-timers. Clicking on which, you need to enter your personal details through an online form and click on register. A unique ID and password can be set, which you need to use for further log-ins. Once done, you can now have free access to the portal and get all variety of railway services there.

Can We Get a Train Timetable?

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