Can We Get a Train Timetable?
05.12.2013 17:43

In this era of technology and advancements, everything is getting better with time and the internet is playing the most crucial role in this. The Internet is revolutionizing every thing, whether it is online shopping or it is online pizza delivery, everything is getting easy to access, with just a few clicks. Now in all these transformation in contemporary methods of doing the things, there is also a change coming up in Indian Railways. It has opened its own website from where you can do ticket booking, ticket inquiry, and also check the train timetable as well. With the help of this facility, you can easily retrieve all the information related to trains very easily. All you need to do is to open the website of Indian Railways, and then click on the button named ‘Availability at major stations’. Next, select a major station, which is near to your location and there you get the whole list of trains that arrive on the station, the time of arrival and the name of the destination station it is bound to.
The train timetable also helps you if you want to access the information of a particular train, about the route of the train and stoppages where this train will stop. And if you want to see a particular type of train, you can get the same as well. In that case, you have to just open the website and then click on the train type such as Shatabdi Express, Rajadhani Express, etc., that you want to travel. You will have the information as well.




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